performances 2013

December 5 Soot (2013) for solo piano *WP 
Mark Knoop@  The University of Huddersfield [UK]

November 18  Kintsugi (2013) for solo percussionist *WP 
Simone Beneventi@ HCMF [UK]
November 8 Lizard (shadow) (2011) for solo clarinet in Bb
Michiko Ogawa @ UCSD [USA]

September 25 Lizard (shadow) (2011) for solo clarinet in Bb
Heather Roche @ Berlin [Germany]
September 5 Name 2 (2013) for solo percussionist *WP 
Mariko Nishioka @ Kyoto [Japan]

May 24  duo (2013) for trumpet, trombone, electric-guitar, amplified ‘cello and percussion *WP
Ensemble Ascolta @ DRK International Young Composers Residency  [Singapore]
May 14-26 DRK International Young Composers Residency [Singapore]

April 15  Skin, Gelatin, Soot (2013) for solo bass clarinet *WP
Carl Rosman @ The University of Huddersfield [UK]
April 10  lecture performance of Lizard (2011) for solo 13-koto
Nobutaka Yoshizawa @ Conservatoire de Paris [France]
April 6  Lizard (shadow) (2011) for solo clarinet in Bb
Heather Roche @ Zagreb Music Biennale [Croatia]

February 17 Name (2013) for three percussionists *WP
Aleksander Wnuk/ Víctor Barceló/ Roberto Maqueda @ impuls [Austria]
February 19 Miniature (double) (2012) for contrabass clarinet and contrabass *WP
Ernesto Molinari & Uli Fussenegger @ impuls [Austria]
February 9-20 @Impuls [Austria]