House of the sleeping beauties (2012)

For bass flute/piccolo, bass clarinet, electric-guitar, accordion and percussion
Written as part of hcmf//’s European Composers Professional Development Program
Duration: 8′
Premiere: ICARUS, 19 November 2012, ECPDP, Italy


Program Note (Eng):

‘And please don’t try to wake her. Not that you could, whatever you did. She’s sound asleep and knows nothing.’ —Yasunari Kawabata “House of the sleeping beauties”

House of the sleeping beauties is a work that focuses on two discrete states of living—the living body approaching death (old man) and the living body asleep and dead (young sleeping beauties)—that encounter each other in a house governed by a ruler (woman).

Written as part of hcmf’s European Composers Professional Development Program. The live recording is released by Huddersfield Contemporary Records.


Regional Premieres:

UK Premier: ICARUS, 21 November 2012, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival



Huddersfield Contemporary Records – HCR07CD



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