Hair (2010)
For  solo alto saxophone
Duration:  7′
Premiere: Timothy O’Dwyer, 12 June 2010, hyb.No.1, Japan


‘Hair’ variations (2010)
For solo alto saxophone (half-structured; half-improvised)
Collaboration project with Timothy O’Dwyer as part of Tokyo Wonder Site’s Research Residency Program
Commissioned by hyb.project
Duration: 25′
Premiere: Timothy O’Dwyer, 12 June 2010, hyb.No.1, Japan


Kintsugi (2013)
For solo percussionist
Duration: 5′
Premiere: Simone Beneventi, 18 November 2013, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK


Lizard for solo 13-koto (2011)
For solo 13-koto
Commissioned by Nobutaka Yoshizawa
Duration: 6′
Premiere: Nobutaka Yoshizawa, 21 November 2011, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK


Lizard (shadow) (2011)
For solo clarinet in B flat
Written as part of composer exchange project co-organized by HIAP, Sibelius Academy and Tokyo Wonder Site
Duration: 8′
Premiere: Heather Roche, 17 November 2011, HIAP Cable factory, Finland


Name 2 (2013)
For solo percussionist
Commissioned by Mariko Nishioka
Duration: 10′
Premiere:Mariko Nishioka, 5 September 2013, Kyoto, Japan


One Arm 2 (2015)
For solo voice
Duration: 8′
Premiere:  Jeffrey Gavett, 19 October 2015, Huddersfield, UK


Skin, Gelatin, Soot (2013)
For solo bass clarinet
Duration: 18′
Premiere: Carl Rosman, 15 April 2013, Huddersfield, UK


Soot (2013)
For solo piano
Duration: 4′
Premiere: Mark Knoop, 5 December 2013, Huddersfield, UK



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