‘Hair’ variations (2010)

for solo alto saxophone
Concept & Composition by Chikako Morishita
Alto saxophone & improvisation by Timothy O’Dwyer
Created as part of Tokyo Wonder Site’s Research Residency Program
Commissioned by hyb.project
Duration: 25′
Premiere: Timothy O’Dwyer, 12 June 2010, hyb.No.1, Japan

Hair var p10



Program Note (Eng):

Variation 0: Mind (longing) *an independent piece ‘Hair’
Variation 1: Tongue
Variation 2: Nose
Variation 3: Eye
Variation 4: Ear
Variation 5: Body
Variation 6: Mind (will)

Hair is an emblem of surging of desire—the original piece ‘Hair’ is made up of trajectories alternately illuminated and thrust into shadow, and transforms from the world of ‘instability’ into ‘stable, sonorous and rhythmicised’ world which eventually unfolds into a place of continuity.

‘Hair’ variations is a performance work consisting of the original piece ‘Hair’ and six variations in which sentences on Kenko Yoshida’s essays in idleness provide the framework. Each of version of the original piece and variations correspond to six human sensations—Mind (Longing), Tongue, Nose, Eye, Ear, Body and Mind (Will).

The work is about transformation: the composer’s musical language into the performer’s ‘own’ creative language; notation (symbols on the paper) into physical gesture (sounds being the results of the instrumentalist’s physical movements); practice-based music (a composition developed from an observation of instrumental practice) into improvisation created ‘here now’— is a fully-notated piece and is a fully-improvised piece with the numbered pieces in between allowing for greater or lesser proportions of the performer’s creative input.


Regional Premieres:

Singapore Premiere: Timothy O’Dwyer, July 2011, Lasalle college
Finnish Premier: Timothy O’Dwyer, November 2011, HIAP, Helsinki