Lizard for 13-koto (2011)

For solo 13-koto
Commissioned by Nobutaka Yoshizawa
Duration: 6′
Premiere: Nobutaka Yoshizawa, 21 November 2011,
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK

Lizard for 13-koto p2



Program Note (Eng):

tokage【戸陰】shade of gate

door; gate;
shade; yin; negative; sex organs; shadow

Lizard is a series of four works about silence. One of the possible ways of writing the term for lizard (tokage) in Japanese consists of the kanji characters for gate and for shade, which metaphorically represent something being kept secret, but somehow concrete. This ‘shade of the gate’ or, in my terms ‘shaded emotion’ or ‘choking inarticulacy’ alternately coloured by an audible/inaudible form was something central to this composition’s conception.



Regional Premieres:

Japanese Premiere: Nobutaka Yoshizawa,  22 January 2012, Tokyo
French Premiere: Nobutaka Yoshizawa, 10 April 2013,  Conservatoire de Paris




Yoshizawa - KOTO
Enrou Record – ENRU-001

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