Lizard (shadow) (2011)

for solo clarinet in B flat
Written as part of composer exchange project co-organized by HIAP, Sibelius Academy and Tokyo Wonder Site
Duration: 8′
Premiere: Heather Roche, 17 November 2011, HIAP Cable factory, Finland

Dedicated to Heather Roche

Lizard(shadow) p6 cropped

Program Note (Eng):

tokage【戸陰】shade of gate

door; gate;
shade; yin; negative; sex organs; shadow

Lizard is a series of four works about silence. One of the possible ways of writing the term for lizard (tokage) in Japanese consists of the kanji characters for gate and for shade, which metaphorically represent something being kept secret, but somehow concrete. This ‘shade of the gate’ or, in my terms ‘shaded emotion’ or ‘choking inarticulacy’ alternately coloured by an audible/inaudible form was something central to this composition’s conception.

Lizard (shadow) for solo clarinet in B flat was written for and dedicated to virtuoso Heather Roche. The score for this work consists of ten fragments and frames performer’s own interpretative sensibilities through the use of multiple layered phrases, exploring the performer’s unique way of ‘lightning’ and ‘shading’ spaces. 

The recording of this work is released by HCR as part of Roche’s solo album (Huddersfield Contemporary Records, HCD09CD).



Program Note (JP):


「間 (ま)」を説明するとき好んで使われる表現に、「Pregnant nothingness (無を孕む)」というものがあります。存在しないものを存在させること-そのことについて考えて書いたのがLizard です。

この作品は十 (とお) の断片的小品からなり、空白 (サイレンス)、すなわち、音や身振りが「無い」ことが「ある」空間が間に挟まれます。しかし組曲とは違い、大きな流れが意図されているので、演奏家には自身を律し、緊張感を保ったまま約8分間のパフォーマンスを行うことが求められます。

2011年にヘルシンキ国際アーティストプログラムの委嘱によって作曲されました。四曲シリーズのうちの一曲で、Lizard (クラリネット、ビオラ、箏のための)、Lizard (shadow) (クラリネットのための)、Lizard (shadow & light) (クラリネット、トランペット、トロンボーンのための)、Lizard for 13-koto (十三絃筝のための)からなります。なお、録音がHeather Roche (Huddersfield Contemporary Records, HCR09CD)に収録されています。



Regional Premieres:

Finnish Premiere (WP): Heather Roche, 17 November 2011, HIAP Cable factory, Helsinki
UK Premiere: Heather Roche, 28 November 2011, Huddersfield
Croatian Premiere: Heather Roche, 6 April 2013, Zagreb Music Biennale
German Premiere: Heather Roche, 25 September 2013, Berlin
Spanish Premiere: CrossingLines (Víctor de la Rosa), January 2014, Auditorium, Barcelona
Australian Premiere: Kupka’s Piano (Macarthur Clough), November 2014, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane
US Premiere: Michiko Ogawa, 8 November 2014, San Diego
Japanese Premiere: Michiko Ogawa, June 2015, Tokyo







Roche - Ptelea
Huddersfield Contemporary Records – HCR09CD